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My account +358440222533 hiking.baltnorth@gmail.com

About Us

Here you find information about our company

Eve Kruuse
Tour Guide


Ivo Viher

Ivo Viher
Tour guide

Jevgeni Dernovoi
Tour guide

Urmas Telling
Tour guide

Triin Ivandi
Tour guide

Ragmar Haabma
Hiking chef /Tour Guide

Kristi Oja
Sales/ Marketing

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Tour guide/ CEO

If you are in need of a vacation

Come hike
with us

We organize different adventures from Baltics to Nordics. We aim to get people closer to the nature and fulfill their acknowledges when being in the forest. In our offers we take into concideration different people’s needs, safety and feedback to provide the hiker best experience possible. Our hiking guides are trained by our partner Estonian Hiking Association.
Allow yourself an awesome active vacation and come hike with your friends!
Greetings from the team!

Payment by installments

Hiking BaltNorth’s online store has the possibility to purchase goods with installments. Hiking BaltNorth e-poest on võimalus osta tooteid järelmaksuga. Pleas read the terms and conditions and consult with the lenders if needed or write to us at info@hikingbaltnorth.com

Holm installments: info@liisi.ee +372 675 5055

Svea installments: klienditugi@svea.ee +372 679 9422

Exceptional hiking spots

Our hiking trips take place in finest national parks and on wild rivers from Baltics to Nordics. If you are looking for an active vacation then join the adventure with us.

Outdoor meals from us

Hiking BaltNorth online store has hiking foods without preservatives and additives and also 100% Estonian. We have a variety of selection – each their own! When hiking, everything from one place!

Opportunities for cooperation

Greetings hiking companies and organizations! We offer hiking gear for rent. We’re also open to ideas that bring good vibes to our lives.

Online store and rent possibilities

From our online store you’ll find a selection on high quality hiking gear that are used by ourselves during the hikes. You also have the possibility to test out the equipment for rent during our hiking trips. Try before you buy!