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Conditions of participation

1. 1. Contract and liability of the organizer

1.1 The organizer is guided in its activities by the Estonian Tourism Act, the Law of Obligations Act and other Estonian laws.
1.2 The organizer is responsible that the trip meets the description.

1.3 The organizer is not liable for damage caused by force majeure (natural disasters, war,
political incidents, strikes, above-average weather conditions, etc.).

1.4 The participation fee includes those services that are included in the description and in the in correspondence between participant and organizer. If the participant does not use any of the included services of his choice, he is not entitled to ask for a refund.

1.5 The organizer has the right to increase (and accordingly the obligation to lower) the price if it is necessary for because of significant changes which was not foreseen and which he is not responsible, such as: changes of exchange rates, changes in Estonian or destination country taxes, changes in transport or accommodation prices, etc.

1.6 The participant is responsible to buy the travel insurance corresponding to the undertaking. If a participant gets ill, has an accident or is the victim of a crime, the organizer shall assist him in any way but the participant pays the related additional costs, etc. If the insurance is not purchased, the participant will bear everything any additional material costs that the participant may incur as a result of the accident, illness, crime, etc. If the existence of insurance is mandatory for participation, it is indicated accordingly in the description of the undertaking.

1.7 The organizer has the right to interrupt the performance or change the plans and involve other group members to assist in the event of an accident involving a member of the group which requires assistance from other members of the group and if the local support services are not available.

2 Registration for the trip, conclusion of a contract and payment

2.1 Registration for the trip is done by filling in the registration form on the website.

2.2 The agreement between the participant and the organizer becomes binding on both parties as soon as the participant has paid for the booked trip, unless a different payment schedule is given in the description or if it is not agreed differently with the organizer.

2.3 If there is not the required number of participants for the trip, the organizer has the right to postpone or cancel the trip by giving the notice at least 7 days before planned trip.
In this case, the advance payment will be refunded in full.

3 Cancellation Policy

3.1 If the participant cancel the trip for refund applies the next rules:

3.1.1 If the trip is canceled more than 35 days before the start of the trip, a 20% advance payment will remain to the organizer to cover organizational costs;

3.1.2 If the trip is canceled 35 to 7 days before the start of the trip, 40% advance payment will remain to the organizer to cover organizational costs;

3.1.3 If the trip is canceled less than 7 days before the start of the trip, the participation fee will not be refunded.

3.2 If the participant does not attend or participation in the trip is canceled by his/her health condition, he/she does not have necessary documents, etc., the participation fee will be refunded taking into account the conditions of clause 3.1.

3.3 If at the collecting point of the trip the participant does not fulfill the requirements for participation sent by the organizer, he/she do not have necessary camping equipment, the group leader has the right not to allow the participant to hike and the group will not wait for him. In this case, the participation fees will not be refunded and the additional costs incurred will be paid by the participant.

4. Duties and responsibilities of the participant

4.1 The participant is obliged to follow the relevant instructions of the group leader.

4.2 It is forbidden for the participant to deviate from the intended route without the consent and knowledge of the group leader, perform other acts that endanger yourself and / or other group members. The participant is liable for damages caused by its intentional or negligent actions cause damage to the organizer, passengers or third parties.

4.3 The participant is responsible for the validity and maintenance of personal travel documents.

4.4 The participant is obliged to be aware of the areas to be traversed (incl. adjacent) political and economic situation and assumes full responsibility in this regard and, if necessary, pay the additional costs involved.

4.5 At the request of the participant, additional costs incurred in the event of termination or early termination of the activity shall be paid participant.

4.6 The participant is obliged to assist in case of emergency where the assistance of local support services is not available, within the limits of their possibilities and skills, other group members in trouble and to be prepared to interrupt or change the plans.

4.7 The participant is obliged to be aware of the risks arising from the specifics of the undertaking.
By registering, the participant confirms that he/she is aware of them and ready to bear these risks (incl injuries, permanent invalidity or death).

5. Damages

5.1 All the claims must be submitted during the trip or no later than 5 working day after the end of the trip in writing to the organizer.